More and Less in 2015


Rather than New Year’s resolutions, I’ve created a list of things I’d like to see more and less of in 2015. Maybe not everyone agrees, and that is perfectly fine. 

More reading books, less Netflix binging

As a kid, I read constantly. Once I hit college, I read less for entertainment and launched a Netflix account. I’m sure this is natural once you start reading so many text books, but now that I’m out of college, I plan to pick up more books, books that challenge me to think, and books that flex my creative muscles.

More phone calls, less emails and texts

Email and text are great platforms for many messages, but there are times when we should just pick up the phone and call someone. Speaking on the phone can build better relationships and leaves less room for confusion. There are definitely times for email and text, but I hope younger generations will see the value in calling to deliver important messages and develop more meaningful relationships.

More lending a helping hand

Disclaimer: I’m pretty traditional. With that noted, regardless of the decade, men helping women by holding doors and lending a hand with suitcases does not make us a weaker sex; it’s politeness. This helping hand does not have to be just male-to-female. Women should help women and men, and men should help men. This year, I hope to see more holding doors, offering a hand and showing kindness to strangers.

More enjoying the moment, less feeling the need to share it with your 1.2K followers

I deleted Snapchat a few months ago. Why? Instead of enjoying every entertaining and unexpected moment, I felt the need to pull out my phone and “snap” it to share with my besties. Pretty waterfall? Snap. Good hair day? Snap. Weird person on the street? Covert snap. No more. Will I continue to Instagram the occasional beautiful scenery of Idaho or a fun moment with friends in NC? You bet, but I’ll make sure to put the phone away and just soak up the moment as often as I can.

More big words, but less jargon

The English dictionary is full of beautiful, sophisticated words. And yet, how do we describe things? Legit, cool, basic, cray, bae. I understand we don’t live in Jane Austen novels and won’t go around throwing out words like supercilious and affectation, but I do think we can expand our vocabularies and not be afraid of sounding pretentious for calling something ostentatious. However, when it comes to business, simple is often better. Jargon only confuses audiences and should be used sparingly, if at all.

Less hating on social media, more open conversations about issues

I may occasionally slip up, but I try to follow the rule of never posting about issues or people that annoy me on social media — unless I want to spark a meaningful conversation about an issue. It’s easy to say you hate something, but it’s better to ask a question about it to learn a new perspective. If you want scientific back-up, negative posts can be contagious.

Less of the Tinder/OKCupid (whatever people are using these days) fad

To each his or her own, but I still believe in letting life take its course and meeting people out there “in the wild.” There’s nothing wrong with trying out these apps to see what all the buzz is about, but I hope people will get out more and introduce themselves to people face-to-face this year, rather than letting a sea of profiles and swiping through faces replace the real thing. Then again, maybe I watch too many rom-coms.

That’s my list. What else would you like to see more and less of in 2015?


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