Ten signs you’re a grammar freak … and OK with it

1. You can’t read anything without looking for typos.


2. During group projects, you insist on volunteer to be the project editor.

Image: Tumblr


3. When no one else volunteers to be project editor, you’re surprised and relieved you don’t have to fight for it.

Image: Tumblr


4. Finding typos in credible publications gives you a sense of superiority.

Image: Tumblr


5. Writing/editing tests give you a rush of excitement.

Image: Tumblr


6. The best compliment is when a friend sends you an essay and asks if you’d be willing to edit it.

Image: Tumblr


7.  this sentence anoise u a lot more then it wood most people..

Image: Tumblr


8. People are hesitant to use “me” or “I” around you because they know you’ll judge them if they get it wrong.

Image: We Heart It


9. You’re not embarrassed that you study grammar in your free time and enjoy it.

Image: Tumblr


10. You know someone cares about you when he or she starts using proper grammar in casual conversation.

Image: Gilmored

Fellow grammar snobs, if I made any errors, please let me know. Number seven does not count. Feel free to share other signs that you’re a grammar nerd, and happy editing!


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