Five Uses for Old Business Cards

Business CardIf your title has recently changed or you frequently attend networking events, you probably have some old business cards laying around. Before you toss them in the garbage, here are a five ways to put them to use:

1. Jot down a note

I keep a stack of old business cards on my desk. Whenever I need to write down a quick note, I pull one out and write on the back. This is especially useful for writing down meeting times and phone numbers.

2. Mark a page

Although sticky page markers work best, a business card works great in a pinch.

3. Clean small spaces

Surprisingly, business cards can be useful to help with household cleaning. The corners can fit inside small spaces that are otherwise hard to reach. Use them to rid of small clogs in lotion bottles, scrape gunk from countertops and even to remove dirt from your fingernails.

 4. Keep your make up smudge free

Business cards are great for keeping your mascara from smudging when it’s still wet. After you apply mascara, place a business card underneath your eyelashes and blink a few times, allowing the excess ink to stain the card.

 5. Recycle

If you can’t think of any good uses for your old business cards, the best way to get rid of them is by recycling.

Do you have more creative ways to use old business cards? Share them below.


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