Five Reasons To Present In-Person

Starfish PresenterFor a communications student, I’m a bit old school. I only read books in print form, I still write letters, and I prefer to schedule meetings rather than phone calls. While others may not follow all of my traditional communication methods, there’s one I don’t think should become outdated: in-person communication.

Whether you’re making a presentation to one client or hundreds of attendees at a convention, there are benefits that come with presenting in person. Obviously, there are circumstances that call for video chats and webinars. However, when possible, I think presentations should be conducted in person. Here’s why:

You can see and respond to reactions.
When talking to a screen, it’s easy to miss important body language cues. Presenting in person lets you adjust your approach based on how the audience reacts.

It’s easier to interact with the audience.
It’s much easier to ask or take a question during an in-person presentation than it is over video.

Your personality can shine.
Presentation skills come across much stronger in person than they do on video. In-person presentations really let your charisma and confidence shine through, leaving a better impression on the audience.

You can hand out materials.
You can send files with a video presentation, but there’s no guarantee the audience will download them. If you present in person, you can put physical materials directly into the hands of your audience.

You’re more likely to command attention.
When watching a presentation online, it’s easy to get distracted. People feel less rude checking their phone and email when you can’t see them. If you’re directly in front of them, they’re more likely to pay attention.

What about you? Do you have any other reasons it’s better to present in person?


One thought on “Five Reasons To Present In-Person

  1. Great post. I love to present in person because you can get a real sense of connection and can adjust what you’re doing to keep that connection. Video is great for some circumstances but standing up in front of an audience and getting your message across will also be what I love best

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